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“2 years of severe pain gone in 3 months!”
5 of 5 stars yesterday Reviewed by Katie L
I have been seeing Jeanna in her beautiful yurt for just under three months now. 2 years ago I had an emergency c-section and since then have been crippled in pain with my back and c-section scar. Having taken lots of pain killers, undertaken a year of NHS physio to no effect I was fed up and started looking at alternative therapies which is where I came across Jeanna’s webpage and the benefits of Myofascial release. On first visit I felt comfortable in Jeanna’s presence. The yurt is warm and dimly lit and the massage couch is heated. Jeanna ensures a comprehensive consultation is undertaken before every treatment and each session has been totally unique. Highly recommend having treatments in the beautiful yurt near Lewes with Jeanna.

5 of 5 stars14 Oct 2015 Reviewed by Coral M
If you are looking for an excellent massage, by a skilled, conscientious & empathetic professional, in unique & relaxing surroundings, then Jeanna is for you! I have had a number of deep tissue massage treatments with Jeanna to releave pain in my back, shoulder and neck. What a difference! How would I describe the result? – I feel like a well oiled lock – aligned and smooth flowing ! Thank you Jeanna
“Clever lady in beautiful yurt”
5 of 5 stars  Reviewed 12 October 2015

It is a delight to visit Jeanna in her beautiful yurt in the countryside. She is very knowledgeable about the body, and has helped me with long-term problems. She is a lovely person to be with; she gives me the feeling of very real interest and concern in what is out of kilter in my body, and inspires confidence that she will make things better. I have had myofascial release on shoulder and pelvis areas, with good results; this is a fascinating technique, new to me, but very effective.

M.Banstead  November 2015

A slow, nuturing preganancy massage with hot stones for an hour and half with Jeanna was wonderful. The pressure was great, as I like a deep massage and the setting was lovely, the rain on the yurt roof being the only sound lulling me to sleep, a nourishing experience, thank you.

snow white 90 mins Hot Stone Massage.
November 2015
Jeanna is an amazingly talented therapist – she instinctively knows where to work and helped iron out knots in my shoulders and neck – the setting is beautiful and I would highly recommend a treatment to everyone

Heaven in a Yurt!  2nd April 2015

I have suffered chronic pain on a daily basis for years. When I visit Jeanna’s yurt, I know that I can switch off and enjoy an hour in beautiful peaceful surroundings, confident that Jeanna’s skill in remedial massage will ease my pain for several days. Jeanna takes the time to discover and address the root cause of my pain on every visit.

I cannot recommended Roundhouse Therapies too highly. I have purchased gift vouchers for a number of my friends, all of whom have loved the experience.

Whether you are seeking relaxation, escapism, or relief from chronic pain, fatigue or muscle strains (all of which I have found through Jeanna); an hour or more at the Roundhouse yurt is time well spent. K.Plows

Sports remedial massage with hot stone:March 14

I came to Jeanna because I have had problems with my right shoulder for a while which is brought on by stress. I was very impressed with how much information jeanna sought from me before my treatment. I was also impressed with how knowledgable she was. The massage was amazing and I intend to have one once a month from now on. Highly recommended. I was also so in love with the yurt and surroundings. It is so peaceful and I really didn’t want to leave.

Lewes massage

Yurt being built

Pregnancy massage with hot stones: February 2014
I first went to see Jeanna in her lovely, warm, relaxing yurt about halfway through my pregnancy for relief from a very painful hip/tailbone issue. She identified right away the source of my pain and took great care to release the muscles causing the discomfort. I was amazed! I’ve seen lots of wonderful massage therapists over the years, but I have never experienced complete pain relief from a single session. I will certainly keep going to Jeanna for all the aches and pains of pregnancy and life in general. Highly recommended!

Paul Archer: January 2014

I’ve been driving Buses for over 40 years, because I sit in the same position for hours, I had no neck movement and I was well stressed. I visit Jeanna at her wonderful Yurt in the village of Iford near Lewes, where I have Deep Tissue Massage. I find Jeanna very professional and kind and she has helped me get movement back in my neck and shoulders, and my stress levels are very much better. I can’t recommend Jeanna enough.

Dec 2013 Sam Smith – Deep tissue massage with hot stone

I suffer with a lot of tension in my neck, back and shoulders due to my physical career and I have been to various beauty clinics for a massage but none of them lived up to Jeanna’s amazing deep tissue massage with hot stones. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience this quality treatment in the cosy and warm Yurt which overlooked the tranquil country side. I felt so relaxed and at peace in this lovely location- a real bonus to the treatment. I felt so much ‘looser’ afterwards and it was such a nice relief to know I had found help. Jeanna comes across very professional with a friendly and calm approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Samantha Smith

November 2013 – Lee Kielty- Calf and neck massage

I have been having problems with my knees and sinuses for some time and massage was recommended to me as part of a wider therapeutic approach. I selected Roundhouse therapies because I liked the idea of being treated in a Yurt but also because Jeanna has a lot of experience in therapeutic massage. I found the treatment to be a mixture of pain and relaxation about (25/75) ? and I feel that the massage has improved my condition. I really enjoyed being treated in the Yurt and found it was a very positive environment with a real healing energy. I have already booked my next appointment and am really looking forward to it.

Rachel Stirling 9th October 2013 I looked online for a therapist to help with a tight neck and chose to call Jeanna from her glowing testimonials.From entering her amazing Yurt I felt warm and relaxed.After a brief chat she carefully went about working on the knots in my shoulders responsible for the pain radiating up into my skull.She used strong stretch techniques and deep massage and the relief was immediate and encouraging.I am going back each week for the foreseeable future as it was an enjoyable and stress relieving treatment with such good results even after an hour.I knew I was in experienced hands

Lewes Massage

Cosy Yurt

September 2013 Deep Tissue/Myofascial ReleaseJeanna’s massage reminds me of an old Heineken beer ad which said something like, “it goes places other beers don’t reach”! I’ve had dozens of massages and therapists over the years and Jeanna, without doubt, would be one of the top 5. She has two qualities that make for exceptional therapists–skill and intuition. And if I had a backyard I would have a yurt too–what a lovely idea!!

Jo Malby – Myofascial Release 2013

Having had two chronic pain conditions for over 12 years, I’ve seen literally hundreds of therapists but no-one has ever made the strides and healing progress that Jeanna has. Each treatment is consistantly good, her techniques seem endless and her knowledge sagacious. She is also a pleasure to be treated by as is both genuinely caring and professional. I think she must be an angel in human form as I’ve never felt this good in over a decade! I have myofascial Release, Hot Stones and massage – Thank you so much!

Judi: Massage 11th April 2011
“I suffer with stiffness and contraction because my mobility is affected by multiple sclerosis. Jeanna has a wide range of first class massage skills. After I have had my treatment I always feel so much better, `loosened up’ and more fluid. Her sessions are intuitively based depending on how I am feeling and what needs working on at the time. I cannot praise Jeanna highly enough. She is a very sensitive and caring person who creates an atmosphere of calm and peace while she works. Judi”

Ben ‎ – 7 Apr 2011 Myofascial Release.

I’ve been having problems under my left scapula for many years which involved having an operation and creating scar tissue. I’ve had one treatment so far and already it’s much more relieved than it has been for a long time. Finally I can feel positive that I can be myself again. Superb.

23 Sep 2010 Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release

Jeanna’s massage is amazing. Consistently deep, yet intuitively never crossing my pain threshold. Jeanna’s myofascial release techniques are also excellent, I felt years of tension melt from my shoulders. Jeanna’s massage left me feeling both relaxed and exhilarated. As an acupuncturist and massage therapist working in the industry for over 7 years I have had a lot of treatments with a lot of therapists and Jeanna is by far one of the best.

Billywhizz wrote…


I’ve been seeing Jeanne Lindfield at Natural Balance, in Brighton for just over a year now and I wouldn’t venture anywhere else.

Each session has been tailored specifically to me, from identify what type of pain it is i’m experiencing, to which direction it’s travelling in!

After each session I leave feeling “looser” and and de-stressed which is exactly what i’m after!!

Rebecca52 wrote on 1 February 2010

I first used Jeanna for deep tissue massage at Natural Balance in Brighton for treatment in relation to problems with neck & shoulder tension and general backache. Having experienced numerous similar treatments over the years, some at very up-market hotel/spa venues, this treatment was in a league of its own. Jeanna clearly has detailed knowledge of muscle structure and function and quickly identifies and treats problem areas.

My original problem has never fully returned as I have visited regularly to keep on top of the problem. Jeanna has also successfully treated other issues that have arisen over the years and never fails to make a significant difference. I cannot recommend her more highly!

Deep Tissue massage with Jeanna Lindfield

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Claire – 25 Feb 2010
I have been having deep tissue massages with Jeanna for a while now and I would certainly not venture anywhere else for treatment! After each visit I feel relaxed with shoulder and neck tension released. No one session is the same with various techniques revolving around how i’ve been feeling on the build up to the next appointment. Jeanna works closely with you to identify the type of pain and will talk through the methods she is using and why if you’re interested! I would highly recommend Jeanna to everyone!

Myofascial release with Jeanna Lindfield

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By Gillian – 18 Feb 2010
I was intrigued by this treatment when I first read about it, and something about the description just spoke to me as exactly what I needed for unresolved tensions that stem from old injuries. Jeanna is a really sensitive and perceptive therapist and I’ve reacted very strongly to the treatment. I always experience a deep sense of release and well-being after a treatment and have found it particularly helpful for TMJ (Jaw) problems and neck and shoulder release. I would thoroughly recommend Jeanna to anyone and think this is a really powerful form of treatment which I can see myself continuing with indefinitely. My husband is also a convert!

Myofascial Release with Jeanna Lindfield

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By chrisbrown444 – 4 Feb 2010
This is a new treatment for me and 4 sessions in I’m very happy to recommend both Jeanna and the treatment. I’ve found Jeanna to be friendly and professional, and have felt safe in her hands. The treatment is something of a mystery to me but has given me immediate relief from stress-related muscular pain in my neck and shoulders. I am gradually building up some longer-term benefits too I think, in terms of releasing some long-held stress and anxiety. My last treatment saw a release that left me giggling helplessly on the couch, very odd but completely delightful! Jeanna works very intuitively and seems to know exactly where to work and how far. If anyone’s curious about the treatment I’d say go for it!

Hot Stone Massage with Jeanna Lindfield

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By dooley2 – 3 Feb 2010
I have been having hot stone massage treatment for over 4 months now – each session is treated individually and each time, we discuss what areas of the body need to be worked on – making the treatment very focused and more effective. Already I can feel that the pain I am being treated for has subsided which is such a relief. Jeanna is very professional, friendly and relaxed and has magic hands!

Deep Tissue Massage‎ at Natural Balance, Brighton

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By r_fagg – 25 Sep 2009
I have been seeing Jeanna for deep tissue massage (Myofascial Release) for about 4-5 weeks to rectify an aggrovated knee injury. This treatment is progressively improving the problem and has identified other factors which have probably contributed to the situation. She has an excellent knowledge of muscular problems and I can recommend her with every confidence.

Deep Tissue with Jeanna‎ at

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 By smallangela – 17 Oct 2008
I had some amazing treatments with Jeanna at Natural Balance after a recent car accident. She has completely got rid of my whiplash in just a few sessions and the massage was outstanding. I thoroughly recommend her! The hot stones were amazing as well. Thanks Jeanna.