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”more than just a massage, I feel like you’ve mended me”

C Blakley

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  • Advanced Deep Tissue Remedial massage with Hot Stones

    Advanced Deep Tissue Remedial with Hot Stones is designed to resolve soft tissue pain issues. Developed over 24 years, I blend my experience with tried and tested techniques that will bring about a reduction in pain and alleviate stress. Hot Stones are an important tool to increase the effectiveness of your massage. The warm stones used in the hands increase blood flow in the muscles and so speed up the removal of toxins. Heat calms the pain signal from trigger points or knots giving you a more relaxing experience. They are optional.

    This massage is excellent to relieve tension and to speed recovery after exercise or illness. Also great for tension in your shoulders, back and neck and for work related issues from poor posture. See home page for more info.

     £120 for 90 mins. Please book 90 minutes for your first appointment if you have a chronic pain condition. One hour fifteen is £100, suitable for follow ups, please ask. discounts for multiple advanced bookings.

  • Myofascial Release

    Myofascial Release refers to a series of techniques used by the therapist to bring about change in the fascia. Fascia is connective tissue that permeates every part of our body. When exposed to stress, injury, chemicals, environmental stress and dehydration it changes in consistency and can cause pain. Myofascial Release is the most wonderful treatment for treating chronic postural issues and pain from old injuries. It is highly skilled and relies on me being able to sense subtle changes within the soft tissues. It is often useful in treating emotional  It is not like traditional massage in that there is no oil or lotion used. 

    I particularly recommend this for neck and shoulder issues. Migraines and headaches can respond well. Pelvic pain also responds well including c-section scar pain. Please see my home page for more information on this treatment.

     0ne hour fifteen is £100, 90 minutes £120. First appointments are 90 mins. Discounts for multiple advanced bookings.

  • TMJ Disorder

    Specialised treatment to help alleviate pain symptoms occurring in the face and jaw joint. Many symptoms radiate from here including headaches, neck and shoulder pain and sleep apnoea, Click here  to be taken to my TMJ page for much more information.. Sessions are 90 minutes long, its not possible to give an effective treatment in less time and I will be able to get you out of pain more quickly. After an initial session of 1 hour or 90 minutes, a series of 3 sessions must be booked to ensure the best outcome.  1 hour £85, 90 mins £120. Discount for multiple advanced bookings.

  • Fascial Facial natural face lift

    Natural face lift using only my hands to create lift and visible improvements in your complexion. Ideal for sensitive skin that reacts to products.

    Stand alone treatment is £120 for 90 minutes. For lasting results a series of 6 is recommended to be taken weekly followed by monthly treatments. Discounts for block bookings.

  • Luxury Hot Stone Massage

    The Rolls Royce of massage. An expert mixture of hands and stones using a range of techniques to smooth away muscular pain issues. This superb massage brings very deep levels of comfort and nourishment. It can be tailored to be more remedial or relaxing or both.

    £95 for 1 hour, £135 for 90 minutes.

  • Advanced Pregnancy Massage

    Designed to help the specific pains of pregnancy with hot stones to speed the release of tight muscles and provide comfort.

    £80 for 60 mins. 90 minutes £115

  • Gift Vouchers available

    phone me for assistance ,  07971552687. All vouchers available to buy  from my Gift voucher page.

Still not sure, why not pop over to my review page to see what other people are saying about their experience here, Here’s a sample,

Dec 2013 Sam Smith – Deep tissue massage with hot stone

I suffer with a lot of tension in my neck, back and shoulders due to my physical career and I have been to various beauty clinics for a massage but none of them lived up to Jeanna’s amazing deep tissue massage with hot stones. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience this quality treatment in the cosy and warm Yurt which overlooked the tranquil country side. I felt so relaxed and at peace in this lovely location- a real bonus to the treatment. I felt so much ‘looser’ afterwards and it was such a nice relief to know I had found help. Jeanna comes across very professional with a friendly and calm approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Samantha Smith

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