Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapy is not just for sports people. Sports Massage is a term used to describe a treatment that is designed to treat alll manner of muscle or soft tissue conditions be that injury, sporting or otherwise. More important are the techniques used to resolve that issue.

Each sports massage treatment will combine effective massage of a given area, Trigger point work for knots, Myofascial Release (used on the Olympic team and becoming hugely popular with Physios)  to help break down fascial adhesions , hot or cold stone work depending on if the injury is acute or chronic and then sports stretching techniques to restore length and mobility.


Personally I think sports massage is fantastic for the stretching alone, everyone feels better after a good stretch!

A wonderful all-round massage that with a sensitive touch does not have to be as painful as it’s reputation!

Prices  for Advanced Sports Massage start at £70 per hour.

Treatments available in Lewes 5 days a week.