Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones, 90 mins


Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones


Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones is a treatment I invented after completing my Hot Stone Training 19 years ago. Its the most popular treatment for everyday tension and build up of knots. I want everybody to experience the benefit of Hot Stones but if you prefer not to have them, that is fine.

I incorporate Hot Stones within this treatment as the addition of heat gives a huge advantage to the speed of recovery and relaxation.  During a massage my aim is to warm up your muscles with my hands to encourage softening and increased blood flow in the area. This would take me approximately 20 minutes on the back alone. However with Hot stones in my hands, this effect is immediate, so I can get to work much sooner at un-ravelling those horrible knots  that are causing you so much discomfort. The heat also calms the nervous system and relaxes almost instantly. It helps reduce pain signals which is particularly beneficial in enabling you to relax into the deeper work needed. The result is you get a more relaxing  and effective experience than if you didn’t have heat.

This massage is suitable for everyone , young and mature, I am very sensitive to the depth each person feels comfortable with.