Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones, 75 mins


Advanced Deep Tissue Remedial Massage with Hot Stones


Advanced Deep Tissue with Hot Stones is my next level approach to a classic deep tissue massage. Id recommend this to you for everyday aches and pains. If you’re feeling restrictions in your mobility that are relatively recent then this is an excellent massage for you. Within this treatment I use my Eastern approach to working with the body which means it is pleasurable to receive whilst still getting to the root cause. Relieving tension in knotted muscles can be uncomfortable but the addition of hot stones reduces pain signals. This is such a useful therapeutic tool enabling you to relax and consequently I can work deeply. I always like to use stones because it speeds up the effectiveness of your treatment. Hands alone take much longer to warm the muscles, Hot stones mean I can start solving your pain issues much quicker. So I can get results faster and more comfortably.