Advanced Pregnancy Massage with Hot Stones 1 Hour


Advanced Pregnancy Massage with Hot Stones


Advanced Pregnancy Massage is suitable from 3 months to full term, and is carried out in the side-lying position with pillows to provide comfort and nurture. This a wonderful Gift for any expectant Mother. If she is unable to come during her pregnancy it can be exchanged for regular Massage post-partum. ( T & C’s applicable.)

Every consideration is made to make her feel comfortable and if she prefers to sit or lean against a table that is fine also. It is perfectly safe as stones and heat are not used in the abdominal area. Adding Hot stones to the treatment provides instant relaxation and softening of tight areas like the shoulders and neck. This adds an extra dimension to an already deeply soothing experience. Massage at this time can be very helpful in reducing swelling and water retention on the ankle calves and fingers. In summer I like to use cold stones to cool and refresh as being pregnant can make you fell very hot at times.  Want to know more,? Watch a video of me using hot stones or a call me with any questions.