Massage Therapy in a magnificent Yurt near Lewes

Welcome to Round house therapies located in the picturesque Hamlet of Iford. Nestled in the South Downs and surrounded by natural beauty and yet only an eight minute drive from Lewes, you can  be tucked up on my heated couch in no time. This is the home of expert massage therapy away from the stress of the town.

Forget trying to find a parking bay and feeding the meter, just roll up and walk in. At Roundhouse therapies, its all about your comfort. There’s something about a Yurt that feels calming as soon as you enter. Perhaps its the roundness of it or being able to hear the sounds of nature all around that makes it so special. In winter there is a wood burner and lovely warm rugs on the floor. No one has ever been cold in here!

Here it is that I practice the art of massage therapy aiming to deliver you results for whatever the muscular issue is that you have. More of my treatments later but to give you an idea, today I’m using Hot stones and Myofascial Release as add ons to a Deep tissue Massage. This is for a fireman who as you can imagine builds up a lot of muscular tension in his work. Another client today has a chronic rotator cuff problem , an old tennis injury from many years ago. Working on her for many years I have kept her mobile and prevented that becoming a frozen shoulder. Now I’m taking a hot water bottle down to put on the couch, this takes people back to their childhoods and keeps their toes toasty!