Is massage a luxury or essential?

Is massage a luxury? It’s that thing that we often think of as a treat. Something we do to spoil ourselves. Think spa days or days off or something we do on a birthday or pre-wedding. These are indeed great times to take time out and enjoy the relaxation that massage can offer. Massage is commonly known to aid relaxation, to bring about a sense of peace and well being and a general feel good way to pass an hour or so. At Roundhouse therapies, I do offer relaxation or feel good massage to my clients. I’m talking about the likes of Luxury Hot Stone Massage, I like to call it the Rolls Royce of massages. What could be better than a blissful hour of having gorgeously smooth Hot Stones stroked expertly and deeply into your tired body. I even offer Hot Stone Facials combining beautiful scented oils with small stones to invigorate the complexion. lewes massage

However, our bodies are complex things and pretty much all of us live day to day with with small niggles,aches and pains and some clients of mine have much more complicated conditions.

This brings me to answer the question as to whether massage is a luxury?

I ask you a question, when anything precious in your life starts to go wrong, be it your car, your fridge, your television. If your roof gets a leak, or your tyres go flat, would you leave it to get much worse before fixing it?  We all know the perils of leaving things too late, and then it costs us more than if we’d got it fixed sooner. So with our bodies. The sooner you get that niggle in your shoulder looked at or that twinge in your knee the better. The headaches that started after a lot of desk work, or the back aches from a weekend of gardening can all be sorted out pretty fast if caught quickly. That said, Remedial and Clinical massage, especially Myofascial Release are excellent for correcting chronic problems also. It just takes more time the longer you’ve had the problem.

My regular clients are regular because they know the value of having a monthly service to keep those muscular issues in check.

So in answer to my question, is massage a luxury, I’d say no. Our fabulous, complex, beautiful bodies are the vehicle that gets us through life. Don’t wait until bits fall off or when the pain is so bad that you can no longer move bits of it. Look after it, care for it, it will last you well, allow you to do more things, cycling, running, walking, swimming, you get the gist.

To look after you I offer  treatments that combine 19 years of experience and a raft of techniques that can deal with most muscular pain problems. Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy and Hot Stone massage used in a remedial way are the best options to look after yourself. I’ve seen remarkable results with some very difficult conditions such as pelvic pain, shoulder pains and headaches to name just three.

Don’t just treat yourself, do yourself the honour of keeping yourself in tip top condition.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Find me in Iford Village, Uckfield Chiropractic Clinic and Intrinsic Health in Lewes.  

I also have a lovely room upstairs form the Con club on Lewes High Street where I will be on Tuesdays from September.