Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

“Jeanna is very professional, friendly and relaxed and has magic hands!” C Dooley


We all love a massage but adding Hot Stones lifts this treatment into the realms of the truly wonderful. The moment the silky smooth stones glide down your back you will start to relax and sink into a blissful realm of contentment. As Jeanna masterfully works the stones into tight shoulders and necks, sore low backs and tired heavy legs, you feel the aches and pains being drawn out of your body leaving you feeling more relaxed than you thought possible. 

Hot Stone Fusion Massage therapy, unlike some other stone treatments uses the stones in the hands as well as strokes without the stones, creating an alternating dance of heat and hands that make this treatment unique. There is no routine, each treatment is designed to your brief.

 Of course it makes the most wonderful of gift treatments for someone you love.

 Jeanna has been practicing Hot Stone for 17 years and completed a six day course, the most comprehensive training available in the UK) with Jing Advanced massage and training Institute in Brighton.

 Stone Massage is so much more than a pamper massage. Heat is applied by Hot volcanic stones held in the hands and massaged deeply into the muscles gently warming the tissues to allow deeper access to tension and knots. The heat reduces pain signals and so resolves pain faster than a regular massage.

I offer this as an hour or for 90 minutes.