Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue Massage is my most popular everyday treatment for general aches and pains. Its designed to break down adhesions or areas of stiffness in muscles. It is great to undo those niggles and problems that build up in our lives.

This massage assures you will leave feeling different in your body, you will feel refreshed and able to move better, perform better in activities and feel an increase in energy and focus.


Why have Hot Stones?

I love to incorporate Hot Stones into Deep Tissue treatments as the addition of heat gives a huge advantage to the speed of recovery and relaxation.  During a massage my aim is to warm up your muscles with my hands to encourage softening and increased blood flow in the area. This would normally take 20 minutes on the back alone. When using  Hot stones , the effect is immediate so I can get to work much sooner at easing those horrible knots. Using heat  calms the nervous system and helps promote feelings of relaxation and calm almost instantly thus  reducing pain signals. This is  particularly beneficial in enabling you to sink into the deeper work needed. Consequently you get a more comfortable  and effective experience.

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

This highly specialised massage is  firm in depth but adapted to suit your needs. It doesn’t have to be painful or something to be endured. Using an intuitive touch, I aim to reduce tension and stress, loosen tight areas and restore equilibrium.

Remedial deep tissue massage is more focused on your problem areas with the aim to break down adhesion’s and tangled muscle fibers  This allows the muscle unit to lengthen allowing shoulders to drop for example. When your hamstrings are tight they can pull on your pelvis and create back ache. Deep tissue and stretching techniques can help with all these nasty things.

I specialise in treating all pain in the body but particularly neck and shoulder pain. I’ve had great success with hip pain also.  I bring 20 years experience and a long list of training courses to get you the fastest result. I encourage booking a course of treatment to properly resolve your pain issue. Minimum appointment time for the first time is 90 minutes to make a thorough assessment.

My training is ongoing with the award winning Jing institute in Brighton.


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 “Jeanna works very intuitively and seems to know exactly where to work and how far.” C Brown”” Jeanna’s massage left me feeling both relaxed and exhilarated.