Bespoke Remedial Massage in IfordBespoke Remedial massage for soft tissue pain is an exceptional and highly skilled treatment. I will draw from my most advanced techniques to create the treatment that will bring about the fastest and best result. This treatment allows me to pick the best tools to solve your pain issue and to increase movement and ultimately your quality of life. Techniques include, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, positional release and of course my fabulous Hot stone. Choosing this treatment ensures you get the best possible techniques to treat your condition.

Clients who benefit most from this usually have the kinds of condition that need focused treatment over a period of time. Complex pain conditions accrued over a period of months or years need careful assessment and treatment. I work carefully to fully understand all the contributory factors to understand how your problem has arisen. A good understanding of physical and emotional reasons for the pain you have is vital to me being able to create a programme of treatment for you. Great sensitivity is required and this cannot be rushed.

Working with Fascia is a slow process but the results can be remarkable as an easing in areas where tension has been for years melts away. The reason this is a bespoke package is because I prefer to tailor the techniques into a beautiful blend moving between more traditional deep tissue techniques and more advanced myofascial applications and Hot Stone.

This is rarely a stand alone treatment although it can be a one off. Usually it makes up a series of treatments which I am happy to discuss with you during assessment.

I advise 90 minutes but please talk to me first. See Prices here


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