Deep Tissue MassageAdvanced Deep Tissue Remedial Massage

Advanced Deep tissue Massage takes this popular treatment to a new level.  I will look at your posture, gait and all contributory factors causing your specific problems. This approach means I can move you out of pain and discomfort faster.  I use an Eastern approach to really listen in with my hands to feel areas of tension. This means I can work deeply but gently.

I am comfortable to focus on legs if you are a runner, just your shoulders if that's where you feel the most discomfort. I specialise in neck and shoulder pathologies along with all other common pain issues. I aim to make all my Deep Tissue massages  a luxury experience whilst achieving the best possible outcome for you.

This massage assures you will leave feeling different in your body, you will feel refreshed and able to move better, perform better in activities and feel an increase in energy and focus.

Why have Hot Stones?

I love to incorporate Hot Stones into Deep Tissue treatments as the addition of heat gives a huge advantage to the speed of recovery and relaxation.  During a massage my aim is to warm up your muscles with my hands to encourage softening and increased blood flow in the area. This would normally take 20 minutes on the back alone. When using  Hot stones , the effect is immediate so I can get to work much sooner at easing adhesions in the muscle fibres. Using heat  calms the nervous system and helps promote feelings of relaxation and calm almost instantly thus  reducing pain signals. This is  particularly beneficial in enabling you to sink into the deeper work needed. Consequently you get a more comfortable  and effective experience.

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For more complex issues please consider booking a Bespoke Remedial Massage. This is a more advanced treatment and allows me to use a wider range of techniques to resolve your pain issue faster.


My training is ongoing with the award winning Jing institute in Brighton.

 "Jeanna works very intuitively and seems to know exactly where to work and how far." C Brown"" Jeanna's massage left me feeling both relaxed and exhilarated."


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